Concise and comprehensive website/document generator

Write easily

Automatically generate

Write with Markdown Or jupyter notebook ,
automatically generate HTML pages

Code by python, cross platform, install just by pip,
support plugins

Cross platform

Plugins support

Multiple docs


Supoort multiple docs/version, each has its content(sidebar). Say bye bye to large number of domains for your docs
Support lite blog system
Default theme for efficient read, and you can install theme plugin
At the same time, it supports custom css and js, and can precisely control the style of any page element by specifying the id on the page

Theme can be customized

Faster generate

Real-time preview

Build in parallel, make full use of processor performance, and document rendering in an instant
Support browser real-time preview and modification
All generated static pages, copy to the server to complete the deployment
SEO friendly, such as page keywords customization, sitemap automatic generation, etc.

Simple to deploy

SEO friendly