teedoc update history

2021-09-18 v1.23.1

  • Add 404.html template, support i18n

2021-09-8 v1.19.0

  • Add i18n support for plugins and templates
  • Add comment plugin teedoc-plugin-comments-gitalk
  • Add print page support
  • Add anchor for titles
  • Add warning log for wrong sidebar item
  • Fix bug: not auto refresh page when content changed in previwe mode
  • Fix search index file too large bug
  • Fix navbar list item z-index error
  • Fix toc smooth scroll bug when id is escaped charactors

2021-08-7 v1.17.1

  • Add layout template customize support(Jinja2)

2021-08-3 v1.16.1

  • Change markdown parser from markdown2 to mistune, now build faster at least 2x
  • Ignore .git folder in file watcher

2021-07-22 v1.15.8

  • Optimize file watcher, fix rename in file browser can't trigger event issue
  • Fix error when copy error(not found error)

plugin theme_default: Add image viewer for img item

2021-05-21 v1.15.0

  • Add summary2json and summary2yaml command for gitbook sidebar file
  • Add sidebar splitter, you can set sidebar_width(default sidebar width) config for plugin teedoc-plugin-theme-default, e.g.:
    "teedoc-plugin-theme-default": {
              "from": "../../plugins/teedoc-plugin-theme-default",
              "config": {
                  "env": {
                      "sidebar_width": "300px"

2021-05-21 v1.14.0

Speed up build by change multithread build to multiprocess build

2021-05-21 v1.13.0

Add collapsed: false option for sidebar directory to show sub directory by default

2021-04-14 v1.12.3

  • fix sidebar active error
  • optimize navbar list type display
  • add navbar list type url support
  • add --thread parameter, to set build thread number
  • update markdown plugin to v1.0.8, warning when parse markdown error instead of program crash

2021-1-28 v1.0.1

Basic functions


project started