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This article is a document written using Markdown, using the page effect generated by teedoc, see here

Markdown basic file content format

You need to confirm in site_config.json that there is a markdown parsing plugin enabled, such as teedoc-plugin-markdown-parser.

Create a folder or file in the directory corresponding to config.json, such as get_started/zh/syntax/ ( will eventually generate index.html), and then write the content:

Markdown header

Add a header

title: markdown syntax
tags: teedoc, markdown, syntax
keywords: teedoc, markdown, syntax
desc: teedoc's markdown syntax introduction and examples
id: zh_readme
class: zh_readme
# comment start with # flag

Use these keys to set article information:

  • title: the title of the article
  • keywords: Keywords, multiple keywords are separated by English commas,, will be added to the header of html, which is convenient for search engines to crawl, and will not be displayed on the page
  • desc: page description, which will be added to the header of html for easy crawling by search engines
  • tags: article tags, will be displayed on the page
  • id: page id, will be added to the html tag, such as <html id="zh_readme">...</html>, it can be left unset, it will overwrite config.json Settings in
  • class: page class, multiple separated by English comma,, you can not set it, it will overwrite the setting in config.json. For example, you can set the css style of a specific page by setting this value. Supported classes see theme plugins' doc
  • layout: The layout template used by the page. By default, this key value is not needed. The configuration in the theme plugin will be used. You need to customize the layout of this page. You can set this parameter. The path is relative to the site_config layout_root_dirpath,layout_root_dirdefaults tolayout, so to uselayout/special_layout.htmlonly need to fill inspecial_layout.html`. See layout document for layout template syntax

For the more, to add comment in metadata, just add string start with # charactor

Markdown file content

The content is written using the Markdown grammar, because the title will be converted into the <h1> tag, so the content is recommended to start with the secondary title, so that a page has only one <h1> tag, which is convenient for search engines to crawl ,such as

title: teedoc
keywords: teedoc, markdown, jupyter notebook, html, document generation, alternative gitbook, website generation, static website
desc: teedoc, convert markdown or jupyter notbook into html static webpage
id: zh_readme
class: zh_readme

## Title One

content. . .

## Title Two

content. . .

The first-level title (#) is best not to be used, because the above title will automatically generate a first-level title (<h1> tag), and a page should have only one first-level title, which is convenient for search engines to crawl Included

keywords is the keywords of the generated html page, which will not be displayed on the page, and is mainly provided to search engines
desc is the description of the generated html page, it will not be displayed on the page, it is mainly provided to search engines
tags are the tags for the article, which will be displayed on the page

Secondary heading

Three-level heading

Four-level heading

Four-level heading 2

Four-level heading 3

Five-level heading
Sixth level heading

Up to 6 headings

Introduction to teedoc


List item:

  • Buns
  • Mantou
  • Tea eggs
  • aaaaaaa
    • Secondary list
    • Secondary list
    • Secondary list
  • bbbbbb


This is an inline code print("hello"), or emphasizes teedoc


#include "stdio.h"

int main()
    printf("hello world");

Comment (quote block)

Below is a comment

Here is a comment (<blockquote></blockquote>)
This is the second line of the comment

# Here is the code snippet in the comment


Comment nesting
Comment nesting

Use markdown grammar in blockquotes

The quarterly results look great!

  • Revenue was off the chart.
  • Profits were higher than ever.

    Everything is going according to plan.



Below is a warning message

This is a warning message (<blockquote class="spoiler"></blockquote>)


To display this picture, you need to set the key value of route in site_config.json

This is a picture
This is an image

This is a pictureThis is a picture


<video src="https://****.com/***.mp4" controls="controls" preload="auto">your brower not support play video</video>

There is no video here, so it is blank, just put in the correct video and it can be played

iframe embedded in webpage

Quote mark

I am proud of what I can do. [^Dianfanren]

This will be annotated at the end of the article


I amTenjin Assault worker


Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2 link
Cell 3 Cell 4

task list

  • Task 1
  • Mission 2
  • Mission 3
  • Mission 4


goto Markdown header, just need

[Markdown header](#Markdown-header)

Use minus sign - to replace space


<div class="hello">
hello  <img src="../../assets/images/logo.png"/>

注意这里没有空行, 效果如下



Supports tex and Latex syntax, and MathML tag

Two ways of writing,

  • One is inline inline, wrap the equation with $ symbol, for example

    The mass-energy equation $E=mc^2$ is familiar to everyone, right?

    Mass-energy equation $E=mc^2$ everyone is familiar with

  • Another type, block equation, wrap the equation with $$, such as


    $$ E=mc^2 $$

Other examples:

When $a \ne 0$, there are two solutions to $ax^2 + bx + c = 0$ and they are
x = {-b \pm \sqrt{b^2-4ac} \over 2a}.

When $a \ne 0$, there are two solutions to $ax^2 + bx + c = 0$ and they are
$$ x = {-b \pm \sqrt{b^2-4ac} \over 2a}. $$

Division method:

                13 \\[-3pt]
4 \enclose{longdiv}{52} \\[-3pt]
     \underline{4}\phantom{2} \\[-3pt]
                12 \\[-3pt]
$$ \require{enclose} \begin{array}{r} 13 \\[-3pt] 4 \enclose{longdiv}{52} \\[-3pt] \underline{4}\phantom{2} \\[-3pt] 12 \\[-3pt] \underline{12}\\0 \end{array}\\ $$


\bbox[#cde, 3px,border:1px solid blue]{y=x^2-1}
$$ \bbox[#cde, 3px,border:1px solid blue]{y=x^2-1} $$