Deploy the website generated by teedoc to CDN

In order to allow users in various places to access the site more quickly, you can use CDN acceleration,
A brief introduction to the principle is to first put the website on an origin server, and then synchronize this resource to nodes across the country or even the world.
The browser wants to access the website through the domain name. The server pointed to by this domain name only does one thing, which is to resolve the location of the browser, and then return it to the IP address of the node closest to the browser, and then the browser directly visits the nearest node To accelerate

First find a CDN provider, such as Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud and Qiniu Cloud.

Then the steps are as follows:

method one

Directly use the space of these providers, usually there is a free quota, upload this website directly to the space of the service provider, the service provider will assign a temporary domain name, enable the CDN and you can directly access it, it is very simple.

But the disadvantage is that it must be re-uploaded every time it is updated, which is not easy to handle. It can be solved simply by using method two.

Method Two

Create the source server by yourself. After the source server is updated, the service provider will automatically synchronize the updates to each node

Create an origin server (origin website)

Follow the previous method to build a website and get domain name A, such as

Add CDN acceleration to the website

If you are a domestic service provider in China, you need to have a filed domain name B

, Then register and log in, add a CDN service, set the back-to-origin site to the previously established website domain name A

Then visit domain name B, the service provider will automatically pull webpages from domain name A to synchronize to various nodes in the country or the world, and then the user will be redirected to the IP of the node nearest to the user when accessing domain name B, To ensure the fastest browsing speed